Work with Rhian

Here are the sessions that I am currently offering:

– Psychic Session ($100): we can gain insight into your life around a particular subject that you might be wanting more clarity on. I read your energy and communicate with your guides during these sessions and they’re very insightful. A Psychic session is about you and your path and your journey.

– Medium Session ($150): this is where I channel in and communicate with a loved one who has passed away. I receive messages and communication from the loved one for you and at the end I am able to engage in a question and answer session with the loved one where you are able to ask them whatever you might still want or need to know. The medium session is all about the loved one, his/her life and their relationship with you.

– Intuitive Coaching Session ($150): this is a session where I support you in making a decision or getting clarity around a topic in which you are stuck or not knowing what to do next (moving to a new home, retiring, staying in a relationship etc). These sessions are a blend of a psychic session and a life coaching session (I have been a certified life coach for 10 years) and truly bring about depth of clarity. They are about you and a particular situation you are working through.

– Spiritual Guidance ($75): in this session I connect to your energy and your spirit guides and we come up with methods for you to enhance your spirituality and your spiritual path that are in alignment with where you want to be and what you want to call more of into your life. I support you in carving out rituals and behaviors that will enrich your Spiritual life. This session is about you and your connection with spirit and your guides

– Group Readings ($35 per person): During a group reading I can come to your home or an agreed upon location and I read each person at the event. The readings are shorter because it is a group setting but I do make sure everyone gets a chance (when the party is 15 people or less) and we have fun seeing who comes through and what the messages are. I can do either psychic or medium readings or a combination of the two. Group readings are a ton of fun and a cool experience to have with friends.

– Workshops (priced per event): I offer a ton of workshops on a huge variety of subjects: how to develop your intuition, communication with your spirit guides, owning your own magnificence, defining your own life path, finding your purpose and more. Please let me know what kind of workshop you or your organization are looking to have and we can choose something I already offer or create something that fits your specific vision.

Please email me at to book your session ❤

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