Work With Rhian

There are many ways to work with me and many places to find my work. Please email me if you have specific questions: 


I am a Certified Life Coach in Private Practice. You are able to work with me one-on-one as space permits in my practice. You may work with me on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. I offer sessions over the phone or via Skype. I am currently at capacity for in-person coaching sessions. 

I offer packages at various price points. 

Coaching is important. I believe that everyone who wants to make a change in their lives can benefit from having a good coach. That said, not all coaches are for everyone so it has to be a good fit. I will interview you as a candidate just as you will interview me. I set up information sessions for free and would love to discuss this with you if you feel it might be for you. 

I specialize in coaching on a variety of topics but truly have coached on nearly anything you can imagine: 

Marriage and relationship issues
Spiritual self-exploration
LGBTQ topics
Women and Self-Identity 
Life Purpose Questions
Understanding Spiritual Gifts
Weight and Body Image topics
…And more

Coaching is for you if you want to make a change in life, you’re ready to do the work it takes to make that change and you would like guidance on how to do it.  Send me an email and we’ll chat.

Intuitive Work

I am a Professional Intuitive/Medium and offer readings. In a reading I connect to my guides for your highest good and ultimate healing. I have been an intuitive since I was a young child and have done hundreds of readings in my career. I am able to connect with those who have crossed over as well as your guides and highest self.

Readings are $100 per session, will be held over the phone or skype and on occasion in person. 

I enjoy past life readings and will almost always schedule one for you if you ask. They are thirty minutes, over the phone and $50 each.

I offer a variety of other sessions too, please send me an email with questions, comments or to check availability. 

Teaching, Speaking and Writing

My three great loves are teaching, speaking and writing. I have a vast amount of experience in all three and enjoy doing them each in a variety of venues, settings and topics. 

I have spoken at large conferences and small workshops. I have taught on the faculty for school programs, certification programs, for weekend retreats, and online courses. I write articles, blog posts, ebooks and am completing a few “real” books as well. I have a wonderful editor who I am grateful for and a great community of talented women and friends who inspire me every day. 

If you would like me to speak, participate in your programming, write for you or teach a course please send me an email. Pricing is subjective and dependent on many factors of your specific event. Let’s talk.




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