Thank you Rhian for an amazing psychic reading that covered so much and tied it all together for me!! You tuned into exactly what I needed to hear!!

You also tuned into my family and what was important for me to hear about them.

The reading was overall very accurate and healing. Thank you!!!!!


Seriously, you should book a session with Rhian Lockard because she picked up something about me that I have told no one – not a single soul prior to today – about in terms of my professional aspirations.

She is freaky, freaky, freaky good.

– A.M.

Another amazing session with Rhian Lockard tonight. The woman is a phenomenon. I just don’t have the words heart emoticon


“I recently had the honor of having a consultation with Rhian. Within minutes of the session, I was choking back tears because of how understood I felt in her unbelievably accurate reading. She acknowledged so many things about my spirit and life, and I was taken aback by just how in tuned she was with my energy.

Not only is Rhian gifted in her enlightening, intuitive ability, she made me feel comforted and strengthened through the entire session with her warm, caring demeanor. She explained each step of the session thoroughly, continuously ensuring that I understood what she was saying by asking how I was doing throughout. I also appreciate how she provides you with realistic tools for expanding one’s spiritual growth and well-being, rituals that I am now implementing in my life that have already made a shift in my spirituality and day-to-day life.

I am incredibly grateful for Rhian’s exceptional talent and guidance. I will undoubtedly consult with her in the future, and have already recommended her to numerous friends and family members.”


It was such a pleasure having a psychic reading with Rhian! She was in touch with my spirit guides, and she was able to pick up on things I hadn’t told anyone. It was a truly amazing experience. Rhian is very gifted, and I am so thrilled she has shared her gifts with others!


I was hesitant at first, to the idea of a sitting. Not because I’m a sceptic – I’m not, but nor am I credulous or gullible. I’d been in contact with my departed loved one, albeit in a very subtle way, and I was happy with that. Well, not entirely happy. I did want more – clearer and more concrete communication – but my visits to other mediums had been less than satisfying. My loved one did show up, but amidst confusion and misinterpretation.

My session with Rhian wasn’t like that. She took the time and care to get really clear on each point before moving on, and the result was an enlightening, heartwarming and gently humorous three-way conversation. I have no doubt of her ability to communicate with those who have passed: not only were the facts she presented to me breathtakingly accurate, but she was able to give me a detailed personality analysis of someone I know intimately – someone she never met or knew of before our session. That personality came through clearly throughout our time together, completely recognisable and able to interact with me through Rhian.

I knew I had support from beyond, but now I really know. The comfort that comes with this knowledge is indescribable. I’m still smiling.



So, I’m sitting here all teary-eyed because Rhian Lockard gave me an absolutely AMAZING gift today by her willingness to share her gifts as a psychic medium

Whenever I’ve had mediumship readings before (or rather, readers trying to connect with my deceased folk), generally people struggle to get a clear connection to my Mum…but Rhian definitely did not. I asked my Mum to bring up Happy Feet – one of her favourite movies and a reference to the stuffed penguin I gave her when I left for college – and Rhian communicated that at the exact (and I literally mean the exact) moment I silently asked my mother to reference it. There were a LOT – and I mean a *lot* – of very, very, very specific details that not even my closest friends and extended family know about that she was able to communicate for me.

She’s fabulous. This is only the second time I’ve ever specifically had a mediumship session and she just…wowza, man. Blew that other reading out of the water by several miles and that other lady had been doing this sort of work for almost 10-20+ years.

If you ever wanted a mediumship recommendation from me, she’s definitely got my seal of approval, deep gratitude and thanks XOXOXO



I had my reading in November 2014 – it was a life changing experience. I was scared at first, but Rhian explained how things worked and immediately I felt comfortable. My grandmother came through. Rhian mentioned details and objects no one else would know. She explained my grandmother’s house in great detail, she explained my grandmother’s personality, and brought up a frog my grandmother had in her house to validate that my grandmother was there. The one thing that completely blew my mind is that earlier that day at work I wrote down on a yellow sticky note – asking my grandmother if she was proud of my baby. The thing is I adopted my daughter and all I wanted to know is if my grandmother knew that and if she was around. During the reading my grandmother brought a lot of detail to Rhian. I knew Rhian was speaking to my grandmother because of the details of the house – my grandmother was particular on how her things were in her home. My grandma took Rhian through each room I laughed inside because that is my grandmother. Rhian spoke of a silver/gold cross – this cross was my grandmother’s another detail to show my grandmother was present. Then Rhian started talking about a baby and me and how my grandmother was holding her in a white dress. My grandmother was showing Rhian how happy and proud she was and that she was there at the baptism we had in August. Right there my question on the yellow sticky note was answered. My grandmother died in 2001 – before she died she wanted to see me. Instead of going to her I went on a walk. My grandmother died when I was on my walk and I felt her death. From that day on I have carried a burden with me. I have always felt that she had something she needed to say or I could have saved her. I have held onto so much guilt over the years because I wasn’t there. Rhian new nothing of this and spoke about how my grandmother didn’t feel right – she didn’t know it was her time. From that a huge weight has lifted off of my heart. My reading with Rhian was a wonderful experience – I have closure and peace with my grandmother’s death. I highly recommend Rhian – and definitely plan to do more readings in the future.

– Tracy


I had a reading with Rhian this week, which left me feeling joyful, uplifted and connected to my ancestors and guides in a most wonderful way. Clarity and confirmation, smiles of recognition, and delight. Thank you Rhian, I am happy to recommend your work to anyone.

– Mary 


I recently consulted Rhian for a life coaching session because I was struggling with a career decision. Although my original intent behind the consultation was to simply seek advice on how to proceed, Rhian’s incredible intuitive abilities identified that the true nature of my issue went much deeper than even I fully acknowledged. She also honed in on issues that weren’t directly related to my primary concerns  and very clearly illustrated how all of these aspects of my life were interrelated. What I particularly love about her blended intuitive approach is that I didn’t need to spend much time going over my life story or the background behind these issues because she was to pick up on everything she needed to know by reading my energy. I spent the beginning of our session in tears because I was overwhelmed by how well she understood me, my personality, and my values right from the start of the session. Everything she said really resonated with me. She’s incredibly warm, empathic, and authentically herself, which immediately put me at ease and made our session truly enjoyable. She spent a lot of time explaining her work, answering my questions, and making sure I felt 100% comfortable with the process both before and after my session and also checked in regularly throughout the session on how I was feeling or processing her insights and recommendations. Her work embodies a person-center approach because she fully believes that her clients are the experts on their lives. She acknowledges that she can’t possibly make our decisions for us and instead uses her skills as both an intuitive and a life coach to help guide us through the decision-making process. I was so overwhelmed and anxious before I sought her services that I was having trouble sleeping and felt like I was thinking in circles; by the end of our session, I felt calm, centered, empowered, and supported and had all of the clarity and perspective I needed to make a thoughtful decision that truly resonated with me intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. She really invests herself into her clients and her caring and compassion absolutely shined throughout our session.

I’d also like to add that I’m an incredibly skeptical, scientifically-oriented individual working toward certification as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I believe in psychic phenomena because there’s significant research to support its existence, but I generally think a lot of people who make a living off of doing readings, etc. unfortunately aren’t actually intuitive or aren’t invested in doing right by their clients. Rhian, on the other hand, worked as a certified life coach for years before incorporating her intuitive abilities, and her motivation behind using this combined approach is very sincerely to better serve her clients, not to draw in customers using some gimmick. She’s absolutely the real deal and I was amazed by how well she understood me as a person. Her methods and client-centered focus are also so incredibly in tune with the core tenets of the counseling profession that I’m honestly kind of shocked that she doesn’t have a background in traditional psychotherapy. I absolutely cannot recommend her enough and look forward to working with her again!

– Siobhan

I was recently able to have the absolute pleasure in getting a spiritual guidance reading from Rhian. Wow! What an incredible experience! Rhian far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. Not only were her gifts completely mind blowing but she took her time to explain the process thoroughly, check in frequently to make sure I was ok and understanding all she said, and was just so compassionate and wonderful. The messages Rhian delivered to me were absolutely spot on. She captured me exactly, knew aspects of me that I don’t share with people, and was able shed light to things that will absolutely change me for my future. I can not say enough about how her loving guidance has affected me but I look forward to more sessions in the future!

– Jessica

Dude, living in a more spiritually awake state is the COOLEST THING EVER.

– S.C.

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