A perspective on Solstice

Solstice is tomorrow, it is the day that represents the return of the light as our physical day begins to tilt towards less darkness and more light.

Winter is a time that is often correlated with death: the plants lose their leaves, the ground hardens and freezes, the air is cold and uninviting.

But the darkness has already come and gone by the time we enter this season of death and stillness. Solstice represents the return of the light and it also marks the beginning of winter – the first days of that season that we correlate with death. Interesting isn’t it? The way that death and light are twisted together in this way.

The truth is that everything had already been slowly moving towards “death” in a beautiful orchestra of fall leaves and slowly declining temperatures, it already happened. The warmth of cider, the grins of pumpkins: this was when the death was occurring and we didn’t take notice. Ergo it must not have been too terrible. We spend so much energy fearing something that happens so naturally and beautifully, something that happens in the warm spice of cider and pie. What if death is this way?

Winter is in actuality a time of preparation. It is a time of germination. We think of Spring that way but really Spring is when all of that preparation comes to fruition as Beautiful Emergence. Spring is the showmanship that results from the steadfast work of Winter.

As you enter into winter in the days to come, as you celebrate the return of the Light – the return of the Sun (or “Son” if you are Christian), consider what you want to start germinating in your life. Consider what you are marinating on the stove along with your winter chili and soups. Consider what you want this coming new dawn to be for you. This is not a time of sadness, this is not a void, this is a rich era of mindfulness, intention, warmth and cuddling up close to others and with yourself and discovering your own truths. Ponder on what you want and call it in.

Winter is such a rich and beautiful time. Light has returned and it allows everything we are hoping for to be fed and cared for beneath the surface as we make ready to allow it to spring forth in seasons to come.

What have you let go of with the end of Autumn? What emerges in it’s place as Winter begins?

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